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Building the future

Five local entrepreneurs in Pinellas County have created a unique way to refresh the local small business community. This “Fab Five” group of entrepreneurs want to give a complete business makeover to a small business in the Pinellas County area. They know and understand what it’s like to run a small business in today’s times. They offer their expertise to support a business that may be in the market for an overall makeover.

What does a business makeover look like?

A combination of business consulting & coaching, marketing exposure, web development, new logos, photos, and branding.


The Fab 5 Package

Marketing Exposure

Gain important local exposure for your business on Palm Harbor Local podcast with
Donnie Hathaway

Business Consulting

Experienced business consulting and relevant coaching from Local Union with
Maggie Butler

Brand Identity

Graphic design and branding package from Kay Coastal Designs with Kaylin Ingram

Website Rebranding

Website redevelopment or landing page development from My Computer Angel with Evelyn Dufner


Beautiful high-end imagery and headshots taken by Jess Veguez Photography

These five entrepreneurs bring everything a small business could need to the table.

  • A local business consulting and coaching firm to help small businesses reach their full potential.
  • A successful real estate agent and podcast creator who loves connecting with people in the local community and building relationships.
  • A portrait photographer with the eye and the skill to help a business revamp its brand and overall image.
  • A Graphic Designer and freelancer with the ability and the passion to assist in creating a whole new branding look and vibe to a business
  • A web developer who creates and rebuilds beautiful websites and offers website training to help clients take control once the website is launched.

Forward-Thinking 5

This group of men and women have the skills and the heart to assist in any business’ makeover.  “We are passionate about the small business community, so to be able to give back to the place we call home is something special,” says Donnie.

Maggie Butler

Maggie Butler

Business Consultant

Donnie Hathaway

Donnie Hathaway

Realtor & Podcaster

Jess Veguez

Jess Veguez


Kaylin Ingram

Kaylin Ingram

Graphic Designer

Evelyn Dufner

Evelyn Dufner

Web Design & Dev